3 "Psychology" tricks that will make your weight loss journey easy

If you are someone who is constantly looking out for that secret and magic weight loss pill on the internet and has come across a hell of a lot of information related to calories, diet, detox smoothies, healthy foods, intermittent fasting, and whatnot, then please read this full article to get a better understanding of nutrition and how healthy weight loss looks like.

Moreover, weight loss is not only about diet, training, and sleep it is also dependent on the way you look at weight loss and your food which includes your psychology and let me tell you that it matters the most, with a positive approach you will yield everything positive.
Therefore these are 3 things that you should take in your mind before starting your weight loss journey.

1. Never attaching negative emotion to food
We love to label the food healthy or unhealthy, which is correct to some extent but the social media and fitness influencers have taken this to the next level which is they attach the bad "emotion" with certain foods for instance s sugar, the whole fitness industry has labeled sugar as poison and cocaine and whatnot, as a matter of fact, that sugar consumed in moderation is totally fine for you, sugar alone can never make you fat its the consumption of calories in surplus over a period of time, thus consuming sugar in moderation with your tea/coffee or having that cheesecake once a while is completely fine.
Since when you attach some negative emotion to the food in your mind your body tends to do the exact same, it won't be able to make the best out of food in any negative state of mind.
Hence never ever attach any negative emotion or "fear" from any particular food as said doing that will do only bad for you.
Also, don't get me wrong here that I am against healthy foods, they are good but make sure to strike a correct balance between life and obsession towards healthy foods.
No particular food is bad for you, every food is good in its own way!

2.Eating mindfully
-Now, this is probably one of the best pieces of advice that I can give you if you are looking to lose weight and get fit not for months but for a lifetime.
Start eating food mindfully which includes eating when only you are really hungry, thus if you think you are not hungry when you wake up, push your breakfast a little ahead of the day or maybe club it with your lunch, but make sure that you eat when you are really hungry when your body is demanding food.
The second aspect of eating mindfully is to eat your food without any distractions which are not to watch any kind of tv or talk to anyone while eating when you eat make sure you are with your food 100%, feel it, and enjoy it.
Lost with your food, not with any tv series or a youtube video, when you are eating make sure that you eat your food, small changes lead to big differences.

coming to the last aspect of eating mindfully is to never eat to full your stomach to the core, eat whatever you eating whether a healthy meal or a rewarding meal, just make sure to eat till 80% of your capacity and you should always feel a little light after heading away from your meal.
trust me on this you will feel a great and positive change once you start eating mindfully, which is way simpler than counting calories.

3.Not using a weight scale very often
This is one of the most favorite things of any newbie who is trying to lose weight, which is to check their weight every day or almost a number of times in a day so that they can map their progress and see whether they are going in the right direction or not.
Not it may look like a thing of a dedicated gym-goer but this practice can make you a little annoyed and demotivate as well.
when you are losing weight you will go through a hell of a lot of fluctuations in your weight because your body weight mainly consists of fat, muscle mass, and water weight and when you making some changes in your body you will see a lot of ups and downs in your weight which is never an indicator of good health or a fit body.
Moreover, it can mess with your mind and make you demotivate on some days as you would be putting in all the required efforts.
so what to do?
weight yourself once you start your weight loss journey and then forget about it, focus more on the body changes with respect to fat mass, see whether you are losing fat or not, whether you feeling more energetic and strong or not, whether your skin quality is improving or not, everything else like the weight doesn't matter.
Its the outcome such as lean and strong physique, better skin and health, and mood that matters more than the weight number.
Hence never bother to weigh yourself every day, it will just mess with your brain, instead focus on building healthy and enjoyable habits that you can sustain for your lifetime.

Fitness is simple, the internet has made it complicated.

I hope this answer adds value to your life!
and please give honest feedback to this article, would really appreciate it.

Thanks For Reading!!!



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