Are “CARBS” Really Bad for you??

If you are into fitness or a healthy lifestyle one thing is for sure you have heard that you should not consume carbs or carbs are the ones which make you fat.

Well to be precise first I will discuss what are carbohydrates and what is there use in our body?

So whenever you consume carbs in your diet, for eg from White Rice these carbs are broken down into glucose in your system and then this glucose is transferred into various cells and tissue for their maintenance of them, g your brain uses glucose for its functioning, Almost all of the process of your body organs functions on glucose and thus this glucose is responsible for your body functioning, thus glucose coming from carbs inst bad for your system.

Now there are two types of carbohydrates,

  1. Simple Carbs:-These are the carbs which can be digested by the Boyd very easily , high in GI and provide high energy at a particular time/Slot

Eg of Simple Carbs, Sugar founded in all your tasty deserts, Junk Foods, All types of sugars, Refined Flour, White Rice, White Potatoe(Although you can consume white rice and potatoes, no harm in them)

2. Complex Carbs:- These are the carbs which are usually made up of more complex chains and thus take more time to digest and provide a steady supply of energy to the body,

Eg of Complex Carbs, Oatmeal, Brown Rice, Vegetables, Sweet potatoes, Whole Wheat

Thus coming to the main point that carbs are 100% essential for the human body functioning, maintenance, and your day to daily energy requirement for daily activities, Brain functioning, etc.

And coming to which type of carbs you should eat is 80% complex carbs and to some extent, you can enjoy the simple carbs.

Provided that the whole combination of foods is balanced, which is called the flexible way of eating food.

Thus consume a good filling healthy balanced diet where you can also include some of the foods that you enjoy but remember moderation is the hero here and the only thing which will help you to enjoy certain foods with keeping your health at check.

In the end, I would like to add that there is a budget of every human body(BMR) which is your basal metabolic rate(BMR) and if you exceed this budget or a daily dose of calories for the days doesn’t matter these calories come from protein, fats or carbs you will get fat.

As simple as that!!!

The moment you exceed the daily calorie intake for your body[for a period of time]you will get FAT.

(Also to build muscle you need to be in calorie surplus but that domain is different)

Thus enjoy your carbs they arent your enemy they are your BF, treat it like that.

And remember anything you eat from a packaged item(Processed foods) is 100 times worse than any whole food or whole grains, thus try to eat as natural and as less processed as it can be, incorporated some exercise daily and enjoy life.

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