Do BOLLYWOOD ACTORS Use "Steroids" to get a good Physique?

Celebrities like SRK, Hritik Roshan, Farhan Akthar, Aditiya Roy Kapoor, etc whoever has made a ripped body where there abdominal area or core is on the next level and fat percentage is very low like 7–8%, they are on steroids.

Also, there are a number of reasons why some celebrities are on steroids,

  • Occupational requirements, since they represent a hero or a role in a Bollywood movie which again will be watched by a big audience and they have to show something outstanding which can be a role model
  • Money, the Bollywood industry has a lot of money and with money, you can buy or go for the most expensive steroids from the world’s best guidance which is generally very safe for them and does not harm their body.
  • Time, if any actors like SRK have to build again those abs, without steroids it wouldn’t be possible due to age factor, Time restriction even if SRK was at 18 building those abs wouldn’t be possible without any steroids, holding that amount of muscle mass without any fat isn’t a joke for any natural human being.
  • Steroids body is much appealing than natural, since when steroids are pumped in the body whole function changes, the ratio of hormones changes, etc, and with that for obvious reasons the output of the body is much appealing to eyes.

This is Akshay Kumar who is into fitness for the longest than anyone else and even his core and body are not up to the body and abs with the above ones(since he is natural), this is what steroids can do to your body.

Along with that steroids are not healthy for any human being even if they are expensive or under the world’s best trainers.

Steroids make a man weaker from inside, these ripped bodies are actually unhealthy from inside but just for that one shoot they have to build that.

Also if you are not a celebrity or have professional guidance above you or have any shoot which makes you money[Occupatinal requirement] no person should ever touch or even look at steroids.

Also if you heard about any death news in the newspaper or media that a boy dies due to gymming the major cause to his death can be steroids only.

Chase being the healthiest version of yourself with a well-balanced diet and regular workouts.

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Fitness Writer , Top Writer in Health and Nutrition on Quora. Just using this Medium for the same of spreading correct knowledge in fitness.

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Rohan Monga

Rohan Monga

Fitness Writer , Top Writer in Health and Nutrition on Quora. Just using this Medium for the same of spreading correct knowledge in fitness.

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