What is the Best Diet for your Hair?

Your diet has a direct connection to the way your body function and operates, which is the type of food that you put in your body and the nutrients from that food which is digested are the way your body will operate.

hence eating a good healthy diet, or leading a healthy lifestyle is extremely important for the health of your hair,

Thus what foods you can add in your diet to improve your hair health,


The must food item that you should add for good hairs is eggs, as it is a complete source of nutrients, from protein to fats to all essential vitamins, one single egg has all of it.
Thus make sure you add eggs in your diet as well, you can safely add 1–2 whole egg daily in your diet, apart from that you can add some egg whites as well.

2.Desi ghee

There is an endless amount of benefits that why you should have this amazing food in your diet from balancing your hormones to giving that lustrous hair, desi ghee will give a lot of benefits more than that.

hence try to add a good quality desi ghee in your diet daily.

3.Dry fruits and seeds

Dry fruits such as almonds, walnuts, black raisins(Rich in iron, magnesium), cashews, and seeds like (chia, flax, sunflower, pumpkin), etc will give you a good amount of healthy fats

If you eat fish, then fish is one of the best food that you can have in your diet for good hair as fish is a great source of protein, and rich in omega 3 essential fatty acids.
Along with it also have essential vitamins and minerals in some amount, hence add fish to your diet.


Amla is rich in vitamin C and helps to reduce DHT levels of your body which again helps to increase the volume of your hair.

Remember if the hair is fallen due to improper nutrition, it can be fixed but if it has been blocked by the hormones like DHT, no other option than a hair transplant can fix your patch.

Thus very important to take care of your hormones(especially for males)
This doesn’t mean that you will go and have tones of amla every day, the best for your body will give in in small quantities so that our body can digest it, thus start with a small amount of amla(also winters the season of amla is on the way, where you can integrate this amazing fruit in your diet)
or other than that you can also go for amla juice which is I also consume it personally of this brand[https://amzn.to/33UEeF1]

The best time to have this amla juice is by waking up, have around 30ml of amla juice with 30ml of normal water and sit for some time, listen to a song, and be positive.

6.Green Tea

Green tea helps to cool down the body and also reduce the DHT levels of your scalp, which is again beneficial for the hair growth cycle. Thus you can add 1–2 cups of green tea in your diet.

7.Fresh seasonal fruits

A great source of antioxidants helps to lower the body temperature and provide good essential vitamins and minerals, therefore having seasonal fruits should be part of your diet.


Water helps to eliminate all the bad toxins from your body and helps you to be hydrated, remember our body is made up of 70% of water, hence being hydrated should be your number one priority.
Thus try to add these food items in your diet for better hair health.

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