Which Rice is healthier White Rice or Brown Rice?

WHITE rice is better for you to eat.
Now the first thing that will come in anyone’s mind is that, hey we have read on the internet and heard from a lot of people that brown rice is healthier than white rice and white rice makes you fat as it is a simple carbs source and has a high GI

So when we compare the nutrition value of brown rice with white rice, we have

100gm of brown rice will give you 82 calories, 1.1gm of fiber and about 1.83gm of protein


100gm of white rice will give you about 68 calories, 0.2gm fiber, and about 1.4gm of protein.
Also, Brown rice has some more minerals than white rice and has more anti-nutrients as well.

The only thing people claim is that brown rice has more fiber than white rice which is true but that fiber is nothing better for your body,

As the layer in brown rice which has all these extra nutrients is not good for our gut(Digestive System) and remember as we say that digestion of the food is much important than the type of food you are giving your body. You become the product of the food your body is capable of disgusting, that is why to lead a healthy lifestyle you need to have foods that are good for your digestive tract and eliminate the food which hammers your digestion process.

Also, most of the population has grown up eating white rice rather than brown rice thus the bacteria(Enzyme) which is required to digest brown rice is not actively present in your gut, and thus if we eat brown rice it will tend to disturb the absorption of other essential nutrients in our body which is something we dont want

and those who say about that extra fiber present in brown rice, you can get it more of the fiber by just adding a plate of salad in your meal which will help you to digest the food better.

Also, you can surely go for semi pound or semi brown rice which will be the best option for you but in case if you cant white rice is your best friend.

Thus white rice is perfectly fine, have it with your favorite curry, dal, legumes, chicken curry, and ass some desi ghee on the top of it.
And when you have white rice with something like lentils(Protein) and desi ghee(fats) and a bit of salad(Fiber) it tends to decrease the total GI of the food.

Since we never eat any particular food we mix it with other food items.

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Fitness Writer , Top Writer in Health and Nutrition on Quora. Just using this Medium for the same of spreading correct knowledge in fitness.

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Rohan Monga

Rohan Monga

Fitness Writer , Top Writer in Health and Nutrition on Quora. Just using this Medium for the same of spreading correct knowledge in fitness.

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