Why “BREAKING BAD” Will be the most Bad-ass show ever!

In this article, I will write down some reasons why Breaking bad will be the best show ever

  1. The Storyline:- The story of the show is such that it made you will always be like what is going to happen now, especially in the latter part of the seasons, initially you will find a quite interesting storyline and a bit slow as the director develop each and every character so that you resonate with the emotions and the mindset of the character much more.
  2. The Acting:-From Bryan Christon(Walter White), Aaron Paul(Jessy Pinkman) to Mike, Skyler, Saul, Hank, and who can forget Gustavo Wing. Each and every actor of the show played their respective role brilliantly and with the fine touch of grace, moreover, every actor's emotions and feelings were very well displayed on the show, which is why everyone falls love with the story and the actors.
  3. The Writing:- Writing of the show was brilliant in such an away that it never steals away the audience's attention for a minute form the how as from the start of the show to the end you will really resonate with each and every character, about their emotions and feelings. Also, the show ends very perfectly which is one of the major flaws in many of the TV series.
  4. Reality:- The show storyline tends to be very actual and displayed the reality that can actually happen in real life which and thus people tend to be more drawn towards the storyline due to the real factor the show has, which is a normal middle-class chemistry teacher who is really brilliant and has not achieved many things in his life and certainly gets diagnosed with cancer and get to know that he has only 2 more years more to live.
  5. Science:- Breaking Bad isn’t just about cooking meth. Science is used for all sorts of fun things — like building homemade batteries or creating poison out of beans or using mercury fulminate to make a meth look-alike that’s actually a highly explosive material you can use to intimidate a psychotic drug dealer and that was my personal favourite part of the show where he says that:- “This is not meth” BOOM sudden explosion.

At the end of Story to background Music to every actor acting, direction to story writing, every domain of the perfect TV show, Breaking bad tops them all, which is why it will be the best TV series ever made.

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Fitness Writer , Top Writer in Health and Nutrition on Quora. Just using this Medium for the same of spreading correct knowledge in fitness.

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Rohan Monga

Rohan Monga

Fitness Writer , Top Writer in Health and Nutrition on Quora. Just using this Medium for the same of spreading correct knowledge in fitness.

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