Why "Keto" is the worst diet when it comes to weight loss

Rohan Monga
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If you are someone who is struggling with weight or obesity, I assume you would have gone through all youtube videos or tried your best to know that magical recipe to lose weight, still you were never able to create a clear image about how to lose weight

With all of such confusion going on now you start to hear about a diet called the KETO diet which claims to be something magical diet by the ones who have lost some good weight at a pretty fast rate.

Now for those who dont know about the keto diet, it is a diet pattern where you have to eat a high amount of healhty fats(cheese, avocado, clarified butter, butter, nuts, oils, etc), a moderate amount of protein(eggs, lean cut meats, cottage cheese, tofu, red meat, fish, whey protein) and very less amount of carbohydrates(that too coming from vegetables for about less than 30gms)

Now our body's preferred source of fuel is carbs which further gets broken down into glucose and used by our body, by when you are on a keto diet where carbohydrates are restricted your body starts producing ketones which are basically fat molecules, and uses them as an energy source for daily functions, hence you use fat as your energy source instead of the carbs in the keto diet.

Now keto diet claims that you will lose 10% of your body weight within 35–40 days because this is the recommended time period for which you should do keto, hence if you are about 80kgs(176 pounds) you will reach around 71kgs(156 pounds) after 40 days when the keto is about finished.

Which sounds pretty interesting and exciting and another shortcut to losing weight in a very shorter period of time.
But hey didn't we just said that why keto is the worst diet to lose weight? here comes the main part of this article that makes keto not a very good diet to lose weight,

  1. The Keto diet was basically designed to treat epilepsy which is a kind of medical condition, it wasn't invented to make you lose weight
  2. The Keto diet is a highly unsustainable diet since we are born to eat carbs as nature gives carbs in almost everything that we see around, dont let any stupid diet make you so restricted so that you dont enjoy this little precious thing called life. As the golden rule of fitness and a healthy body is something that you are following not just for a month but for your lifetime, which you sustain, hence keto is something that is highly unsustainable
  3. The keto diet is pretty expensive, which is buying and eating fats and protein for your life will make you poor, unhealthy for some people, and irritated and unsatisfied, since you would never eat your pancakes, cookies, burgers, and almost all delicious food in the world if you think to follow this diet for life.
  4. If you think that you would do it for 40 days and you would come back to your normal diet but will keep the exercise going to make sure that your weight remains constant then let me tell you that you can wear a clown cap as well if you think this is true, since the moment you are off from this diet you will again welcome the temporary water weight that you have lost in keto diet, which again will make you more irritated and angry since all of your hard work will go in vain.
  5. keto will make you steal small happiness from your life, I am not talking about anyone else but for me personally, if I have to so restricted with the foods that I love and other foods as well in general, It would steal a fraction of happiness from my life, since being so restrictive and not allowed to eat any carbs that you have grown up eating will be no less torture for me.

Final Word,

As said that why keto is possibly the worst diet to lose weight , since it doesn't have any good advantage to offer that why any person should go on this diet just to lose weight

if you want to lose weight, you have to build a good lifestyle and relationship with food, remember no food is bad for you, all foods are good for you, some provide good nutrients to your body while the other provides peace and satisfaction to the mind.

Here I am not promoting you to go binge on junk or tasty foods, I am just saying that build a good and healthy lifestyle which includes,

  1. Sleeping on time and having a good sleep for about 7hrs every day.
  2. Taking some time out in the day to exercise the kind of activity you enjoy , from skipping rope to playing any game to weight training or to running, pick anyone that draws your attention and just be active throughout the day
  3. Be in a calorie deficit, as it is the only magical thing that will help you to lose weight, move a little more, control your portions and serving, eat a good amount of protein with every meal or throughout the day
  4. Stay happy and dont stress a lot, life is about having fun it is about to make you fit and healhty by eating good nutritious food in your calorie requirement, it is about having a good sleep, it is about enjoying the tastiest ice cream and meal with your family, it is about to celebrate food with people, it is about laughing and having joy all together

Dont let these stupid internet trends take away happiness from you, hence next time you heard about someone saying you should go on keto to lose weight, you know your answer.

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