Why Skipping rope is the best workout if you want to lose weight!

There is always a very big question in people's minds about how could they lose weight and no reason why the internet and social media are filled with false promises and any magical product to be sell likes green tea or apple cider vinegar.

Cutting all crap and keeping misinformation aside, in this article you will get to know how you can make your weight loss journey easy and lose fat effectively from your body.
As to lose weight you need to get these 4 things right,

  1. Sleep
  2. Exercise
  3. Nutrition
  4. Stress

and in this post, we would talk about the exercise section, where you can engage your body in the kind of workout that you enjoy thoroughly and gives you good results

And one most simple and basic exercise that you can add is jumping rope or skipping rope because,

  1. It burns a good amount of calories than any other workout, for eg if you think running can make you lose weight, try jumping rope for some days and you will be shocked by the results since jumping rope burns the highest amount of calories that will easily put you in a calorie deficit state and help you lose fat.
  2. Jumping rope is a fun exercise to engage in, which is you enjoy it more than any workout and when you enjoy your workout you just double the goodness of any kind of workout
  3. Jumping rope helps to engage in multiple body parts like legs, shoulders, hands, and core, which is beneficial for the body as it involves various body parts, leading to strengthening of various parts of the body at a time.
  4. Jumping rope requires a good set of concentration of your mind and body and thus when you adapt the skill of jumping rope, your mind tends to be more coordinated and sharper, hence jumping rope improves your physical as well as mental fitness at the same time.
  5. Jumping rope also improves the efficiency of your lungs or by which your body intake oxygen, since the jumping rope demands high amounts of energy to keep up with, which results in improving your heart and lungs healthy.
  6. Jumping rope also helps to improve your stamina as well, thus for all the boys who want to impress their girl in bed, jumping rope is your natural viagra.

Thus if you are someone who is looking to lose weight and get fit, the easiest thing that you can add is jumping rope to your routine along with some weight lifting exercise that you can easily find on youtube.
Apart from this make sure that you eat mindfully and fill yourself with not more than 80%, add protein and fats to every meal, and sleep like a baby.

This is your simple and easy weight loss secret!

I hope this answer adds value to your life!

Thanks For Reading!!!




Fitness Writer , Top Writer in Health and Nutrition on Quora. Just using this Medium for the same of spreading correct knowledge in fitness.

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Rohan Monga

Rohan Monga

Fitness Writer , Top Writer in Health and Nutrition on Quora. Just using this Medium for the same of spreading correct knowledge in fitness.

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